The thing is, we were lied to. We were led here by something else, something greater. Whatever happened here, it was not supposed to happen. The gates opened, and they were led out. Yes, they as in the items. Whatever they were, they were let out through the portal of sticks. But we know they didn't just affect us. Vermont was attacked by red worms. Nevada now has a little white building that wasn't there that day. If you believe me, we were lucky-we only received a few monsters from the portal.

It's our fault. Help us. Please. There is nothing here but death. The rock has mutated the Jawzy's into forms that allow them to sneak undetected through our facilities. Hundreds died just yesterday form these "demons". We will all be condemned to eternal fire. Please, solve the puzzle.

Hello! Dr is lieing. We hav good! We sho you we make evening.

this is final