"Oh. It's you again. I guess I better allow you access, cause I don't wanna get sentenced to death row. Welcome."

Non ItemsEdit

Non-Items are suypernatural objects that need to be kept from the public, but are not dangerous enough to be classified as an Item.Example: an unbreakable brick.

Item 001-N: A clear crystal that inverts color when viewed through                                                                         

Item 002-N: a bucket that when touched overflows with precious objects

Item 003-N-EX: A white creature that lists all emotions and past experiences from humans(Changed to Item 003)

Item 003-N-2: A ball that will spin on it's side for infinite ammounts of time

Item 004-N: An atom that will change into whatever the holder desires after creating an instance of the atom(request to turn into Item 004 pending)

Item 005-N: A piece of paper, thought to be a homework assignment, that causes sleep to all who see it