These are the records of Itemlog Wiki, they show all the different records.


Creator of first Wordbubble:A plant

Creator or the first photo:Mrtdark1

First user promoted (excluding founder):Theannoyingkhen

User with the most badges:Mrtdark1


User who created the most templates:A plant

User with the most template edits:A plant


User who created the most photos:Mrtdark1

User who created the biggest photo:Mrtdark1


User who created the most items:Mrtdark1

User with the least articles:A plant


Most active users:A plant, Mrtdark1, Povak, Plantsvsme and Theannoyingkhen

Most active Bureaucrats: Theannoyingkhen

Most active Admins: A plant and Povak

Most active Chat Mods: Plantsvsme

Most active Rollbacks: None


User with the first Lucky Edit: Mrtdark1

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