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Items are strange trinkets with unusual abilities. An item article tells you about these trinkets, and how you can contain them.

Item Classes Edit


Light items are at best, harmless, and at worst, a nusicance. A good example is The Arthropod Simulacrum. Their B-Movie equivalent is Gizmo.


Medium items are more dangerous than light items, and are more difficult to contain.One of these is The Eye Jellies  A B-Move version would be Jason Voorhes.


Heavy items, if they escape, can and will, cause the end of humanity. Containment procedures are inaccurate, BUT they should be okay enough to keep the item contained. One example of a heavy class is item 001. B movie version: Godzilla.

(Note: Classification Levels)

Things I'd like to seeEdit

1. Creativity. Make sure your idea hasn't already been done on the wiki. If it has, I'll tell you before I delete it (self inserts will get you banned for a day).

2. Use Applicable science. Don't make things up. Do some research before you write your article.

3. Appropriate Imagery. You can use any picture you want, just don't use excessive gore or nudity.

4. The No-Hurt rule. Don't write someone on the wiki being hurt. That will get you banned for a week