If you don't want to write an item article (you can learn some tips about that here, you can write a story.

  • Q: What is a story?
  • A: A story (at least on this wiki) is a story about an item article. For example, if you like item 300, and want to write a story about it (them?), and you have the creator's permission, go ahead and write one. Easy as pie!
  • Q: Why are stories important?
  • A: Well..What if you want to know what 576-C is, or why it's that way, you can write (in however much detail you need/want) a story explaining it (you want to know what it looks like? Well, its like a giant I AIN'T TELLIN YOU JACK!)
  • Q: How do I get permission?
  • A: Well, you can either comment on one of their articles, ask them on their message wall, or start a topic in the forums! If you do this, you'll be able to write to your hearts content!