C0NTsNMtNT broCEDURES: Ani instances of Item 963 if to bree pekt in a solisd trytanium room. If a 963 Documint is tarken out, the PERS0N CAUGHT WILL GET KILLDED lels

Containment Procedures: Any instances of Item 963 are to be kept in a solid titanium room. If any instances are taken out, they are to be burned to prevent the spread of 963.

Description: Item 963 is a strange creature that has no shape or form. It lives on sheets of paper, and anything written or printed on that paper is changed or misspelled. Occasionally, 963 will BE AWSUM add or remove words from a document. If a paper is contaminated, it is to be PETTED AND FED burned immediately.

TS: None test needed, CUZ IM AWSUM.

Notes: Dr. Rem: Aw, great. One of them got on the document? I don't wanna type this whole thing AGAIN...


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