Basic Information and Containment Procedures:

Item Number: 836

Classification: Light Medium Heavy Cerbo-Light

Containment Procedures: Item 836 is to be held in a small birdcage in a standard containment chamber. The door should only be unlocked in the event that it may be needed for testing.

Description: Item 836 is a brown parrot that can repeat any words or sounds it has ever heard, and can even translate into other languages, including those used by Items. It is very useful, but can persuade and/or hypnotize those it comes into contact with.


Variable: Can Item 836 translate the sounds made by Item 085?

Result: Yes. The parrot [ERASED] Trust me, you don't want to know what they're saying. ~Dr. Rem

Phrases Dr. Rem has taught 836: I'm finally getting used to this body./Soon, I will destroy the world!/Hey you! Yeah, you! Hack into Monocerous' computer and his Facebook and post a ton of stupid stuff!

Man, this thing is fun. ~Dr. Rem