Item No.: 749

Classification: Medium
Item 749

Looking into Item 749 directly.

Containment and Testing

Item 749 should be contained in a metal room with  electricity teslas used to contain the vortex. Backup generators are to be ready for emergencies. (When a blackout last occured, ___ people were sucked in and [ERASED])


Test Subject: Sheep

Test Result: The sheep entered the vortex with a wire strapped to it. When we retracted the wire, the sheep was gone, and the wire was covered in blood. Red letters spelled, "SEE?" on the wire. Cleanup crew was sent and test was concluded.


Item 749 is a dimensional disurbance which has created a rift/vortex, which leads into another dimension. Hallucinations by test subjects have described a black figure with red eyes and a smile appears to always emerge from the vortex, and survivors who have returned from the vortex have also seen this.

See Interview Log 749-1.