Item No.: 719

Classification: Heavy
Item 719

Frame from capture log.

Containment and Testing Procedures Edit

Item 719 should be place on a altar in a concealed, wide room made of precious metals. Lanterns should be installed into the walls, covered by a chain link covering. No personnel should enter unless abolutely required. If personnel are required to enter they should be stocked up on caffine or any other substances used to stay awake.


Test Subject: Test Sheep

Test Results: The Test Subject came in contact with 719, and was [ERASED]. Dr. ___ and a team of guards retrieved the body and only [ERASED] remained.

Description Edit

Item 719 is a stature of a god from a religion. Currently, it is a statue of a fat Buddha. All forms of 719 emit a strange, hallucinogenic mist. No human can enter in the statue's mist without worshipping the statue for hours. If a human is killed, the altar the statue is placed on will rotate clockwise facing the next wall, and the entrance will too.

If they refused to, the statue will:

  • Decapitate the subject
  • Incinerate the subject
  • Drive them insane
  • [ERASED]