Item No.: 666

Classification: Heavy

Containment and Testing Procedures Edit

Item 666 should be contained in 600 meter x 600 meter reinforced glass chamber 60 miles beneath sea level. The chamber should be filled with water mixed with oral anesthetic. Guards should patrol 24/7 with an 1 hour shift switch. No testing is allowed unless permission from Guard Capt. Vinny, Dr. Matt, Dr. Rem, or Dr. Monoceros.

Description Edit

Item 666 is a six-headed serpent of unknown species. Item 666 is similar to the biblical Satan, having its effect similar. Item 666 is extremely hostile to all species of life, including other Items. 666 is known to speak, stating biblical lines of demons. Observers will sometimes be afflicted with a need to worship the "Devil". Item 666 is known to apply terrible effects to subjects, including:

  • Hallucinations
  • Insanity
  • (ERASED)

Founder notes: (*%&@%ENCRYPTED@^%(@^%LOCKED@*^*%@^%ACCESS DENIED@%^(^%(@)