Item No.: 634

Classification: Cerbo-Medium

Containment and TestingEdit

Item 634 should be contained inside a standard organism containment chamber(a 5x5x5 containment room), stocked with foods a gorilla would normally consume, such as bamboo. Under no circumstances should personnel enter the room when Item 634 is present to prevent the spreading of the creature's effects.


Testing log for Item 634.

Subject:Adult male.
Process:Subject entered room. Initial effect occured, and subject grabbed organism and began to rock it back and forth.
Notes: This should be conisdered the normal effect. Any deviations should be reported to the Command immediately.


Item 634 is an anomalous organism that resembles a baby gorilla when viewed electronically, which prevents the creature's effects. When any adult human without children any adult human any human views Item 634 in person, they perceive it as their child.