General Information Edit

Item 567

567-A, Frozen

Item No.: 576

Informal Name: Arthropod Simulacrum

Classification: Light

Containment Procedures: Item 567 is to be kept in a 25-foot by 25-foot room lined with AstroTurf, with plastic rocks strewn about. Also, mercury is to be placed in bowls for 567 instances to drink. In case of the event of [ERASED], the doors to 567's chamber are to be locked and barricaded. When [ERASED] passes, barricades and defensive systems are to be removed.

Description: Item 567 is a collection of small organisms seemingly made from Xxxx Bricks and a material composed of iron, gadolinium, and human flesh. Most 567 instances come in two forms, Dubbed 567-A and 567-B. Rarely, 567 instances merge and create 567-C, which [ERASED], destroying all instances.

567-A moves using a large appendage at the bottom of its body. Its main diet consists of any plastic, such as the Astroturf lining the floor of 567's chamber. It defends itself from predators by shocking them with a bioluminescent bulb at the end of its tail.

567-B is an amphibious organism with two powerful stingers on its arms. It uses these to stun, subdue, and devour 567-A instances. 567-B is nocturnal, unlike its diurnal relatives. 567-B is preyed upon by 567-C, which is terrestrial.

567-C is a large mass of 567-A and 567-B components the same shape, size and weight of a [ERASED]. Upon creation, it performs [ERASED], resulting in all 567 instances exploding themselves. In 24 hours the pieces reform.