Item Number: 485

Classification Heavy

Containment ProceduresEdit

Item 485 is to be contained inside of an airtight container with no side entrances. The only entrance is to be a steel trapdoor on the ceiling, leading there from the Heavy Class Containment hallway at Center-01. No personnel are allowed to enter the hallway leading to 485's chamber, other than Dr. Monocerous, Dr. Rem, Dr. Matt, and Guard Capt. Vinny.


No tests have been approved, due to dangers of antimatter.


Item 485 is a green hardback book titled "The Three States of Antimatter", written by Ann T. Mattur. when the book is opened, there are no words on the page. However, when opened, a liquid, solid, or gas will emerge. Through testing we have found these items to be antimatter, rendering it extremely dangerous if exposed to the original matter. The book is not to be opened at any time due to this.