Item Number: 426

Informal name: Fear Spirits

Class: Heavy

Containment ProceduresEdit

Item 426 are to be kept in a standard sized Item Containment Chamber (See Chamber Requirements) with LED lighting systems. The lights are to be powered by a separate generator, insuring that in the case of a power outage the lights stay on. If an Item 426 escapes containment and stays in-facility, it is to be treated with extreme caution. There must be an airlock separating the door from the actual facility to prevent breaches.


Item 426 is most commonly invisible, however when stunned or when one wishes to appear, they become corporeal and look like a human skull surrounded by flame of a random color. When a human or Item 003 looks into it's eyes they begin to see their worst fear wherever the subject looks. Item 426 are only susceptible to weapons when corporeal. If they are viewed by a thermal imaging camera they appear black, allowing the viewer to shoot at them, momentarily stunning them. Item 426 can only frighten when people are in direct eye contact and the Item is corporeal.


None test completed.


Item 426 has 4 different variations. each one has a slightly different appearance.

Item 426-A is the standard sized and colored variation.

Item 426-B is much smaller than its -A counterparts. It has a skull the size and shape of a monkeys (Cebuella pygmaea)with a purple flame.Also caLled the "Banshee" by Itemlog employees, this variation will emit the noise of that persons worst fear.

Item 426-C is larger than that of -A, being the size of an Ursus Arctos skull. The flame is colored blue, and the effect is much more grandiose, causing the subject to attempt to kill themselves to be rid of the images. This variation actually imprints the image of the subjects greatest fear onto their brain, so that when the afflicted subject thinks, the image is constantly seen.

Item 426-D is the strongest of them all, with only one known to man. The skull appears to be that of a Eurypterus, and the flame is a silver grey color. When seen, the viewer sees themselves killed in very gruesome ways. (See TS: Variation-D)

TS: Variation-DEdit

Test subject: Human, approx.48 yrs. old, Caucasian male

Test results: Subject looked into Variation-D's eyes and stood in that place for 26 hours without food and water before he reacted. He fell to the ground shaking.When this stopped, an interview between Dr.T[ERASED] and the subject but the subject never responded.