300-A photographed in tank.

Basic info and Containment Procedures

Item No: 300

Classification: Medium

Containment Procedures: Item 300 is to be kept in a tank of 70 degree water 4 feet deep and 10 feet on every side. No human personnel are to be allowed in the water unless wearing protective eyewear lined with lead. If there is a 300-B in the area, it its to be terminated immediately and the colony is to be carved out of the victim's skulls, and if in later stages, to be placed with 300-A.


Item 300-A is a colony of small jellyfish resembling the genus Cassiopea, but much smaller in size. Their diet consists of phytoplankton, smaller zooplankton, and [ERASED]. 300-A instances have a strong aversion to lead, and when in contact with it, begin to wither. When a animal without suitable protection enters the chamber, 2 or more 300-A begin to liquefy its eyes, and attach their tentacles to the brain. Afflicted can suffer from, in no particular order:

  • Rashes
  • Loss of thought
  • Resistance to pain
  • Disfiguring boils
  • [Erased]
  • Blindness
  • Inability to speak clearly
  • Separation into a colony of 300-A

Discovery Log:A colony of 300-A were found in one of the anomalous worlds inside Item [Erased], specifically the second page. Mrs ______, a chief research officer was lost when [Erased].