Frame from test-02-01.

Item No.: 297

Classification: Medium

Containment and Testing Procedures

Item 297 should be contained in a small, metal room lined with electric fencing. A black light should be operational at all times and should be powerful enough to cover the entire room.This prevents 297 from using its camouflage abilities. If personnel are requested for testing, they should be equiped with extra-sensitive-to-light goggles, and must have a light source for any emergencies to prevent from being [ERASED].


Test Subject: Sheep

Test Results: Item 297 came into contact with the Test Subject, inflicted effects listed. The body was retrieved by Cap. _____ and his team. Scan results show effects inflicted. 


Item 297 resembles a humanoid figure in a black robe. Item 297 appears to have no legs or a solid body. Item 297's face appears to be all black, except for a white circle on its third eye chakra. Test animals sent to interact with Item 297 have not survived, and have been found [ERASED] on the floor of the chamber, many of them because of it's "Expiriments" Item 297 is known to apply many deadly effects to the body.

Affects include:

  • Heart attack
  • Blood pressure increase or decrease
  • Lung failure
  • [ERASED]

To see the entities Item 297 creates, flip to page 2 of this document.