Item No.: 245

Classification: Light

Containment and Testing Procedures Edit

Item 245 should be contained in a standard containment cell, with a couch and a small table. No testing procedures required.


Test Subject: Item 085-B

Test Results: Item 245 created exact replica of the Item 085-B. Dr. Matt is now keeping the statue in his office.

Description Edit

Item 245 is a male white with age appearing to be between 20-30 years of age. Item 245 is dressed in a white red striped shirt with jeans, 245 also has a goatee and a mustache. Item 245 is wearing a classic "artist hat", or beret, which is apperently unremovable by anything other than 245 himself. Item 245 makes "art" of subjects who are in front of him. The "statues" are perfect replicas of the subject, complete with color. Statues are made of unknown material, with feeling similar to concrete. Item 245 appears to be incapable of speech, other then curses in French. 245 appears not to sleep, but when nothing can view it, microphones pick up snoring. When camera view is established once again, Item 245 is wide awake, but seems to be in a sleeping position. Item 245 "uses" what appears to be "invisible" tools, for he uses what motions would look like if someone was using that tool. When angered, he uses these "tools" to carve words in the perpetrator's flesh.

Item 245 is currently assigned on current dates to make statues of hostile Items so they can be studied.