Item 223

Item 223 in its containment.

Item No.
: 223

Classification: Medium

Containment and Testing Procedures Edit

Item 223 is to be contained in a square metal room. Personnel are not to enter the chamber unless for testing. When personnel are to enter the chamber Item 223 is to be restrained by the mouth to prevent poisoning bites.


Test Subject: Test Prisoner

Test Results: When Test Prisoner was released out of the chamber, he was mumbling about something. When Test Prisoner was sent to debriefing, Subject reported seeing, "their death". Subject later went insane, and commited suicide via drinking rat poison.

Description Edit

Item 223 is a common green snake from the viperidae family of venomous snakes. It will act as a normal viper until a human comes in contact. Upon contact, the viper's eyes will glow golden, and the subject will mentally "see" their death happen. After seeing this, the subject will believe and they will try to make sure they die the way that the snake has shown them. After the encounter, the snake will return back to its normal state.