Item No.:222

Item 222 altered.

An altered version of Item 222-1.


Containment ProceduresEdit

Item 222 should be monitored constantly, in order to prevent sharing of the image. If the image is shared, amnestics are to be given to the victims, in order to prevent a possible containment breach. Fortunately, it hasn't been manifested, and amnestics have been administered successfully.

Description Edit

Item 222-1 is a .jpeg file, of a man in a mask with ornate lines painted on to it. The image does not produce abnormal effects if the coloration of the mask is removed. If a person views the raw image, in 7 days an entity known as Item 222-1 manifests. The entity appears similar to the one inside the picture, just with red, glaring eyes. This entity then takes its target to a busy area, brutally injures the target, and then the entity disappears without a trace. The item also inflicts various effects to the victim including abdominal pain, and afterwards, is induced into a comatose state.

Addendum: Possible Anomalous Group
A link to the original, unaltered image was posted on our discussion area by a user known as SepratistSnake. Other users eventually began posting the image repeatedly, some of them wearing the ornate mask. These images do not manifest hostile entities, however.