Item No.:176


Containment and Testing ProceduresEdit

Item 176 is too large for a standard containment cell(5 foot by 5 foot), so it should be stored in the underground base. If one of the entities controlling the chasis escapes, at least 5 guards and 1 expert in the paranormal should be deployed to the location of the entity. With the entities' consent, Item 176 should be cleaned weekly to prevent rust formation. If the behavior "Eject" is intitiated, [ERASED]. No further defensive action should be nesscesary.


Item 176 is a 100-foot long, 10-foot wide train. It has no anomalous properties aside from having additional control levers and housing 8-10 entities known as Item 176-A through J. These entities act as power sources and crew for the train. The entities cycle jobs and appearances. The current list is as follows: King=Conductor, Zulu Chief=Engineer, Scientists(5 in number, including one resembling Dr. Rem)=Crewmen, [ERASED] being=boiler worker. The [ERASED] lookalike is especially dangerous when hostile, and should be treated with extreme caution. The train has eight behaviors it can be set to:

  • START-Initializies movement of the train.
  • FAST-Increases speed.
  • SLOW-Decreases speed.
  • REV-Inverts controls.
  • OPEN-Opens door to train, without releasing entities.
  • WARP-Sends train to a specific point in time.
  • RECRUIT-Creates another entity.
  • EJECT-Releases all entities.