Item Number: 175

Informal Name: Sentient Slime

Class: Medium

Containment ProceduresEdit

Item 175 is to be kept in a 10 foot by 10 foot chamber with dimmed lights and stainless steel walls. If an X-class situation were to occur, all entrances to Item 175's chamber should be [REDACTED]. Large microphones are to be put in the corners of Item 175's chamber to catch anything 175 might say. If anything is recorded that can be deciphered by rewinding it, slowing it down, speeding it up, or in any other way, report it immediately to Dr. Rem, Guard Capt. Vincent, or Dr. Monocerous. The roof should be made of a one way mirror, keeping any bystanders from seeing into the chamber.


Item 175 is a sentient being composed of living tissue resembling slime. Through testing, the Itemlog facility has discovered this tissue's chemical signature is Tc3Au12Si2U9, rendering it slightly radioactive. Item 175 also has a "Corrosive" effect on metals. If any living being touches Item 175, it will absorb all knowledge that said being has. No tests are to be done without the clearance of Dr. Monocerous.


None test needed.