Item 170 is a blue reed with a bundle of small, blue leaves at the top which can be plucked with great care, otherwise harming the trimmer and the reed's abilities to crystallize the second thing it touches, including humans. Ex: I touch it, I am fine, I touch it to Item 300, it turns into a sapphire in the shape of, say, a pie.

Containment proceduresEdit

Class: Light

Informal name:The Crystal Reed

Item 170 is to be kept in a plexiglass tank with a layer of clay in it. The door is to be reinforced with the plant's crystal in the case of a containment breach. The plant's leaves are to be trimmed every 2 days to be ground up as the antidote to the crystallization.


Test: What does the item do? Variable: item is being touched directly to a living human's bloodstream. Result: The TS exploded, with a complete map of the bloodstream encased by an unidentifiable crystal, but no one wants to come any closer to finding out.

Breach reportEdit

At the 10th containment breach of site 013, Item 170 was not able to escape, as Item 085s were the only escapees recorded.