Item No:125


Containment Procedures and TSEdit

Item 125 is to be kept in its tank. The tank should be filled to half 125's height, to keep it grounded to its tank. Weekly, the upper orifice and the surrounding flesh should be doused with water. Under no circumstances should this activity be postponed, or else [ERASED] occurs. Occasionally, prey animals, preferably aquatic ones, shall be fed to 125. When [ERASED] occurs, the top of Item 125's tank should be shut to prevent contamination.

TS Variable:What animals can 125 consume?

Subject:5 Rainbow trout
Result:Were devoured without trouble.

Subject:1 Item 006-B fetus
Result:125 struggled a bit, but eventually consumed the fetus.
Notes:Well, that cuts costs on both destroying the 006-B's, and also feeding 125.

These animals are currently in rotation:

  • Trout
  • Crabs
  • Dolphin
  • The Item 006-B fetuses
  • Crocodiles
  • slugs


Item 125 is a 25-30 foot tall mountain of teeth and gums. These consist of human, shark, crocodile, and [ERASED] teeth. 125 appears to be alive, and often vibrates within its tank. 125 is known to reproduce using spores, which are emitted from the colon during [ERASED]. All spores are to be incinerated. The other instance is located at Site 17, and the tank is kept shut at all times.