Item no.: 099

Informal name: The Rock Of Killing

Classification: Medium

Item 099 is a rock that is red, with a hue that looks like blood, rust or red paint. At touch, Item 099 turns the subject into a much more dangerous version of themselves.


Variable: what happens to another animal when it touches item 99?

Test: an infant: Result: TS 453, the baby turns into an instance of Item 006-B during gestation. Instance

Test: an Item 085-B: Result: Item 085-B turns almost instantly into an 085-A with one major difference:It has wings. This creature immediately ripped Dr. Rem's limb off.

Notes Dr. Rem: What the-(begins screaming in extreme pain) Kill that- that thing!!

Dr.Rem is still getting used to typing documents with a bionic arm.

Trust me, it sucks. Dr. Rem


It has a warning sign in it's chamber that says ‘Transformative:Do not Touch!’ When touched, it makes the afflicted undergo these things, in no particular order.

  • Induce hallucinations of a shadowy figure
  • Coma in five days
  • Making you not feel well in eating
  • Transforming the subject