Item No.: 085-2

Classification: Medium

Containment and Testing Procedures Edit

Item 085-2 should be contained in a metal room with a light source on the roof. Item 085-2 should be fed daily, and TS should avoid contact with 085-2-B or 085-B when 085-2-A is in the room.


Test Subject: Test Prisoner

Test Results: The TP was brutally [ERASED] by 085-2-A when he neared 085-2-B/085-B. Armed personnel were ordered to terminate 085-2-A and then to retrieve the TP and send him to the medical room. 

Description Edit

Similar to its male counterpart, Item 085, Item 085-2 is divided into 085-2-A and 085-2-B. Item 085-2 is described as a female human infant with an unseen mouth. There are three fingers or toes on each limb. 085-2-B are young versions of 085-2-A. 085-2-A will be completed harmless until a subject nears 085-2-B and/or 085-B. Then 085-2-A will procede to [ERASED] the subject.