Item No.: 085

Classification: Medium

085-A during testing.

Containment and Testing Procedures Edit

Item 085-A can be contained in a cage-like containment. Daily food should be provided to keep Item 085 healthy. Item 085-B can be contained in a safe area, for the reason 085-B is a younger and non-hostile version of 085-A.


Test Subject: Sheep

Test Results: Sheep entering area provokes 085-A to defend 085-B. Sheep was [ERASED] brutally.

Description Edit

At first glance, Item 085 appears to be a creature similar to a human infant. However, 085-A and 085-B both have no nose or ears, and they only have one finger or toe on each limb. Their eyes appear to be closed always. Both have only three hairs on their head and only four teeth. Test have shown the hairs and teeth instantly regrouped if plucked or knocked off. 085 has by tested and results confirm that 085 has no lungs, so it cannot suffacate or drown. 085's genes are not found in any other genus, aside from [ERASED]. 085-A are hostile around any creature other than its kind. However, 085-B is harmless until grown into 085-A, which from tests take at least 80 years. 085-B is very weak and can be killed with even a punch. 085-B is to be handled carefully. Item 085-2 is proven from tests to be a female version of 085. Item 085 and 085-2 are born through eggs.

085-A will attack hostily by:

  • Bitting
  • Headbutting
  • [ERASED]

For the female Item 085, please see the page stapled to this document.