IMG 0914

Item 031 during feeding

Item No.:31

Class: Heavy

Item DescriptionEdit

Item 031-LOL is a Jack-o'-lantern with an ability to eat and then teleport its victim to the H-Dimension.It has normal orange color and a strange glow coming from the inside of it. When the victim reaches the middle of the pumpkin after being eaten, they will enter an irregular sleep cycle and then dissapear bit by bit. The only way known to escape the H-Dimension is to be [ERASED] by the Fear beasts. Fear beasts take on the shape of the victim's worst fear. When [ERASED], the Fear beast will change shape again, sometimes into a fear the person did not know they have.

Containment proceduresEdit

Item 031-LOL is to be kept in a glass room with red-tinted glass walls. No personnel are to enter unless necessary. Plant food is to be dropped into the chamber every day. Security personnel are to be outside the doors at all times, unless in an X-Class scenario, when all regular precautions are to be made.