Item 012 photographed in its enclosure.

Item No:012


Containment procedures Edit

Item 012 is to be kept in a 10-foot on each side concrete cube, with a dirt foundation to allow for growth. The roof should be made of glass to let in light but also preventing the effect from spreading. Plants grown should be pruned regularly to prevent mutation. No additional statues are to be placed inside the cube unless the number is less than 2.

TS Variable: What plants can be grown with help from Item 012?

  • Test 1
  • Seed:Cabbage, subspeciesCapitata R.
  • Time:12:00 Xxx 16, 19XX
  • Result:Success. Plant was planted and cared for by statues. Differences from the norm include a stalk before the leaves, and brown leaves.
  • Test 2
  • Seed:Apple, cultivar Golden Delicious

+Time:12:00 Xxx 16, 19XX

  • Result:Success.Fruit was planted (with struggle) successfully.Differences from the norm include tougher skin and multiple trunks.

Notes: Most test subjects tend to become more stonelike in color, texture, and taste.

Description Edit

Item 012 is a collection of statues that, in base form (how they were originally found), resemble squat humanoids about 1-2 feet tall composed of stone and an unknown plant material. Man-Made statues can be transformed into instances of 012(this process involves the statue being invaded by the unknown plant material) as well, but retain their shape.

Item 012 can germinate, cultivate, and consume any plant material, regardless of soil preference, date, or season. However, if presented with an animal carcass, they will form in a circle around it, and [ERASED].