Item 6-B-2, in stage 2 of development.

Item No.:006


Containment and testing Edit

Item 006 is one of the dimensions accessible from Item 1 Proposal B. A test subject is to be sent to remove the pods of fetuses growing from the sides of the walls of 006-A, on the ceiling, and on the floor. If he fails to remove one, he will be terminated. Instances of 006-B should never be allowed to leave 006-A or else [ERASED] occurs ([ERASED] last occurred on Feb 6, 1985, causing the death of millions).



Test:Dr X. Xxxxxxxx led the sheep into 006-A. Then he left the room before 006-A awoke. 006-A etched something in an unknown language before eating the sheep. A fetus appeared on one of the walls, resembling a fusion of the normal instances and a sheep.

Subject:A human child


Notes: Holy {Expletive}, NEVER do that again!

Description Edit

Item 006-A is a pocket dimension resembling a hexagonal room made of wood. Occasionally(usually after a feeding), Item 006-A will begin to generate several creatures resembling human fetuses, colloquially called 006-B. These creatures will grow and metamorphosise into [CORRUPTED].During a feeding, item 6-A etches messages on itself.

Exploration logs

006-A Exp 1234