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003 at rest.

Item No:003


Containment Procedures and TS Edit

Item 003 is to be contained in a 5-foot-cubed metal kennel with false grass for it to relieve itself. Occasionally, it can be let out of its cage to feed. No personnel are to interact with 003 unless either during testing or wearing custom-designed gloves. For this reason, we have installed to members of Guard Team 085-P.

TS Variable:What emotions would 003 initiate when using its abilities?

Subject:One Norwegian rat.
Result:Rat showed no emotion. Seemed to become more comfortable with 003 as the process went on.
Notes:Isn't that expected? I really don't think animals have feelings.-Guest researcher Cxxxxx

Subject:Mr. XXXX
Result:At first, XXXX appeared calm, but after 3 minutes, began to stress. When 003 began to tell about his kidnapping and [CENSORED] of an unidentified 19 year old girl, he began to perspire and seize.The test was ended when he reached climax as 003 reached the point in his life when he was arrested.

Description Edit

Item 003 is a round white mammal, with one central eye, six small Tardigrade-like limbs, and a large horn. It mainly eats legumes, and usually drinks weather with high sodium contents. When 003 makes contact with a mammal, it begins to list(in a voice of the opposite sex of the mammal near it) their current feelings, then the contents of their life until death. Occasionally, 003 will imprint on virtuous people.

Addendum []\[][]\19[][]: After reasearch, we have discovered that 003's horn is molded into its skull and is only seen when it is calm and out of the range of any mammal.

Addendum []\[]\19[][]: When 003 is presented with a reptile, 003 shows extreme fear. However, under agreement []\[]\20[][], Item 223 was brought into 003's chamber. When this happened ,their effects were combined, in which the life was told then a tale of a true death to the person there occured. However, the person does not seem compelled to die in that exact way as it is with 223, and 003 and 223 appear to get along fine. Item 223 was moved out of current containment and moved to the site where 003 is contained.