Containment ProceduresEdit

Item 002 is to be kept in a grated, air conditioned room with light sources all around. the item instances themselves are to be kept in a safe, which is also air conditioned. the TS's and other personnel are allowed to take out only specially marked coins. There is to be a scanner outside the door to keep TS's from smuggling Heavy-level coins.(The last breach because of this happened at approximately [ERASED], 20[ERASED].)


Test: What are the different coins, and how do they transform? Variable:Coin is to be dipped in acid,Markings:Skt*5 Result: Coin after being dipped was a skeleton of a platypus-like creature with the coin's outside ring still intact

Item Desc.Edit

Item class: dependable, varies by coin, light

Item 002 is a coin that, when flipped, turns into a monster. There are markings on each coin, and they have no known importance. Some coins are heavy type, others light or medium. Currently most of them are golden, copper, or titanium, while some of the Heavy-class ones are made of precious gems.

Marking chart

Item 002 contain

item 002's containment chamber


Light=Purple bird man when flipped=Iron=Monocerous's

light=Blue/Translucent puffball=Diamond=Plantsvsme's