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Item 001

Item 001 in containment

Item number:001

Item class: Heavy

General InformationEdit

Item 001 is a blue bladed sword with [ERASED] properties, forcing whoever touches it to call themselves the Assasin of the Gods. The subject then begins a merciless slaughter, killing and [ERASED] their victims. After 3 hours of this massacre, the subject begins crying tears of his victim's blood. Afterwards, the subject [ERASED], their victim's masticated [ERASED] parts scattering.

Containment ProceduresEdit

Item 001 is to be kept in a 100 foot deep pit, with a catwalk lining it, allowing for exit and entry. Item 002-A is to be placed on a pedestal, next to a golden mannequin with Item 002-B, a helmet with chain mail and a right handed glove, both made of an extremely flammable golden material that works as insulation, as the person feels no heat when wearing it,and does not dent or melt.


Al TS's are to wear their TS Jumpsuit and Item 001-B. Any time a TS holds the sword, he or she picks it up in their right hand. If the person is not wearing the armor, they will insist to put it on, even when threatened.

"Doctor Jones, remind me to find whoever redacted this document and put them on death row. By the way, Will you re-redact this for me? Everyone can tell what [ERASED] is." Dr.Rem