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Item Number:001

Classification Light Medium Heavy

Containment Procedures Edit

The door to the complex where Item 001 and it's derivatives are stored is to be locked until testing. No entrances are to be opened if a X-Class scenario occurs. When an X-Class scenario occurs, all MA units are to be relocated at the 001 complex. If 001-006-B escapes the facility, warheads are loaded in order to prevent it from reaching the populace.


Variable:What happens when we send various objects through 001?

Test 1 Subject: A bag of brine shrimp (species Artemia Salina)

Result:Creatures resempling Cassiopea jellyfish. Later revealed to have the abilility to replace the eyes of any vertebrate and control them. Have a weakness to lead. Classified as Item 001-B-1

Test 2

Subject: Xxxx brand construction toys

Result:Created creatures that were composed of the Xxxx bricks and biological materials. Not a dangerous as item [ERASED], since they prey on each other. Reclassified as item 001-B-2.

We did a couple more tests, until...

Test 5

Subject:A human infant.


Description Edit

Item 001 is a collection of sticks from an unknown species of hickory arranged in a hexagonal shape. These sticks have a circle of roots from the same genus inside them. When in off position(laid on a flat surface), it displays no other anomalous properties. However, when there is negative space in front of or behind the circle of 001, a circle of purple energy appears 1 inch in front of or behind the edge of the sticks. This circle transports objects that come into contact with it to an unknown location, and are released when 001 is put back in off position.