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Item No.: 001 (Dr. Matt's proposal)

Classification: Heavy

Containment and Testing Procedures Edit

Item 001 should be contained in a room made out of titanium. Since Item 001 teleports to different places, Itemlog team, Clock Watch, and medical services should be ready at every moment. No testing is permitted, and also the fact that testing is almost impossible. Any termination ideas are to be requested to the Founders, or to Dr. Matt.

Description Edit

Item 001 appears to be a old-fasioned grandfather clock. It is indestrucable, confirmed by termination attempts. At each hour by the hand, the clock will teleport out of the facility and cause a diaster, always returning to its containment cell by the twelth hour. Attempts to disable the clock by opening its inside functions have also failed, for the clock in tightly sealed in. The clock has a few times, entered the cells of other Items, including once Item 666. (Information on that event is recorded in Event Log 001-1.) Item 001 takes a pause every 12 hours. Scans show that there are brain waves inside Item 001.