Interviewer: Dr. _______

Interviewed: Officer ______

Log BeginEdit

Doctor: Hello ______, how are you?

Officer: Not going to be fine, since I seen that, thing.

Doctor: Ok, can you please explain what when you went inside Item 749?

Officer: Well, me and the TS went into the vortex. The TS' said he was a bit nauseous. We both went in with wires tied around our waists. I had a rifle with me.

Doctor: Continue.

Officer: We went into it. Instantly our communications were cut off. We appeared in a black room with a hallway. The words, "WELCOME" appeared in red over the entrance. *Officer shudders*

Doctor: Are you ok?

Officer: Yeah, *Officer takes a deep breath* Anyway we continued into the hallway, I had a feeling we were being watched. The TS was in front of me just so he couldn't run, which I suspected he wanted to do. After about 10 mintutes of walking, the TS fell on the ground, shivering. I asked him what happened, and he said he just saw something. I assumed this was a hallucination that I heard 749 causes. Anyway, we kept walking and then we went into a room... *Officer shows sign of extreme hyperventalation* In that room, were the bodies of what I assumed were previous explorers in 749. The TS panicked and ran back, and he fell in a hole that appeared. There was a hallway in front of me, and then I saw HIM.

Doctor: Who?

Officer: That thing. Its face... *Officer is showing signs of panic*

Doctor: The black figure?

Officer: Yes, I fired my rifle at it, and I believed it had some effect. I ran all the way back through the vortex, hearing that thing laugh...

Doctor: Alright, that is enough.

Officer: Doc, can I ask you for a favor?

Doctor: Ok?

Officer: I just, need to forget about that, THING.

Doctor: Ok, we will give you a amnesiac.

Officer: Thanks Doc, I'll go now.

End Log.