Interviewer: Dr. ___

Interviewed: TS

Begin LogEdit

Docter: Hello, how are you?

TS: Not good, you need to help me, that... snake told me my death...*Shakes slightly*

Docter: Ok, can you explain what happened when you entered and came in contact with Item 223.

TS: When I came into the snake's cell, and I locked eyes with the thing..... it's eyes turned golden and stared at me and looked into my mind and *Stops Suddenly and Shudders*

Docter: Are you ok?

TS: * TS 'shows sign of extreme hyperventalation*

Pause (For 20 mins.)

Docter: Are you calm now?

TS: Yes.

Docter: Continue.

TS: In my head, it showed me walking around, and suddenly, this thing leaped out and *Shudders* [ERASED] me.

Docter: What did it look like?

TS: It looked pale, humanoid features, and was covered in blood.

Docter: Thats enough, thanks.

TS: I'll go now. *Shivers massively*

End Log.