Yup. you may have thought I was dead, but Item 098 thought differently. Well, not technically.

Anyway, the facility was breached. Monocerous had just hired a new janitor. I told him Mr. Sxxxxxxx was good enough, but no. He HAD to hire that [EXPLETIVE] janitor. He wasn't even a freaking janitor!

I was testing with Item 749 and this thing came out. It was probably a TS gone mad in the vortex, but I saw this smile carved on his face like he was the Joker. I sent a guard to kill him, and a second later I heard a scream. Thinking the guard had done his job I went back to testing. There was dragging and a thump as the TS went down the east compactor.

At least that's what I thought.

Then the janitor was hired. He had bandages on his face and babbled nonsensically when he talked. I kept a close eye on him. However, I had the flu and had to stay in bed as the "janitor" was getting the 006's. However, I still saw what he was doing through a camera I had wired up in my room. When he pocketed one of the 006's I got up and started to run towards 098.

After an incredibly painful expirience, I got my favorite gun and went to Monocerous. However,  the janitor had moved on to the next crappy destroy-the-worldy cleanup. I began to run towards  the janitor but it was too late.

There was a hiss, this otherworldly laugh and the flicking of a lighter. Too late did I realize he had broken the gas pipe, and I heard an explosion. The laugh faded away with the screams and yells of the guards and TS's. I tried to get Monocerous away, but he ran in the other direction. Long story short, I had serious burns, my arm had melted down, and Item 098 was nowhere to be found. I finally got to it, and another wave of liquid pain comes through. I ran out of the facility and a bigger explosion came. It sounded like Mr. "Janitor-from-749" had set off a freaking nuke. Or a little whale.

The world was then taken over. The 006's were cloned and had grown huge. Then came the destruction. From the news, these "Giant Pink Babies were coming from the Statue of  Liberty( how ironic, to be plotting the death of the world from the greatest known monument of liberty!). Then came the White House, and so on.

So, Monocerous ISN'T the last one in the Item-log Facility. And luckily, we both have a gun.