Author's Note: This is intended as an origin story for both Item 085 and Item 099

Don:Where am I? I seem to have lost my way. Hmmmm..... Go north? No, I don't remember that tree. Go left? Nope. There's a large pit of pond scum. South is a clean path. I'll go south.

Narrator:Don began to walk on the clean path. Eventually, he began to run into more and more and more trees, and eventually it became hard to walk. Eventually, he came to a plume of smoke, like a chimney would produce.

Don: Maybe there's someone in that house that could tell me how to get out of here!

Narrator: Don gins walking towards the plume of smoke. Eventually he comes upon a brown cottage, covered in vines with red flowers at the tips. A rocking chair is on the front porch, rocking as if there was a grandma inside. But there wasn't.

Narrator:Don knocked on the door. An old woman answered. She had brown crackly skin, which many cuts and bruises on it. Her nose was the largest feature on her body, while her eyes were small black beads. Her arms went down to her knees, which were an inch wide. Overall, she was an ugly crone.

Vandredi: Hello, stranger! What can I get you? Have you lost your way? You have? Come inside!

Narrator:The woman was taking to herself, but had correctly predicted Don's predicament. Don was nervous, but he went inside the old woman's home. He took in his surroundings. A chair, a pot of some sort of hot, frothy liquid, a kitchen, and a hammock for the woman to sleep in. Don supposed since the pot was on the fire, the pot had produced the smoke.

Vandredi: Would you like some stew!

Don:Yes, please! I'm rather hungry from walking for six hours.

Narrator: As Don took in his surroundings, he began noticing strange details, like symbols carved into the pot, snake heads on the chair, and some suspicious bits in the stew. Don decided to investigate, so he began stirring the stew. An eye bubbled up. Don jumped back, spilling the pot of stew. A large mass of pink flesh was being boiled in the water. Don picked it up. It was a baby, with teeth like a crocodiles, and slit eyes. It's eyes opened, and the baby creature let out a cry, which the witch heard.

Vandredi:My son....what have you done!

Narrator:Don took a red bullet from his pocket, and fired at the rapidly growing creature. The lizard monster swallowed the bullet, and grew pale, but it also grew massive wings. The monster towered over Don and The Witch. Don fired in its mouth as it was preparing to shriek at him. The creature fell dead, and no one ever saw it again. Or did they? From then on, a monster was reported to be stalking the cornfields near Deerock wood.