Item Classification Levels Edit


Light items are usually harmless, and at the worst case, a nuisance. Their containment procedures are usually not so specific.


Medium items are usually more dangerous and harder to contain than light items. Their containment procedures are more specific than light items.


Heavy items are majorly dangerous items. If they escape, and/or used in the wrong hands, could cause the end of the world. The containment procedures are very specific, and should probably hold them.

NOTE: You may create other classifications and addons if you'd like, but this is the basic guide. For example, in my headcanon "Cerbo" stands for items that affect the mind permanenty, or just in general. -Dr. Monoceros.

Staff Classification Levels Edit

Test SubjectsEdit

Test subjects, or TS, are used to test an item. They are usually an animal, like a sheep, or a prisoner of a crime that has been sent to the facility. They are not likely to survive.


Janitors are standard janitorial staff. They are expected to clean the hallways of the facility. If they witness anything unnatural, they are to report to a high ranking personnel.


Scientists, or more commonly refered as Doctors, are the studying staff of Itemlog. They are to study the items, and sometimes instruct testing.


Security, or the soldiers, are ment to watch and escort TS, to protect other staff, and for security measures.


The bigwigs of the Item-Log facility. Run everything in the facility's halls, and help design the containment chambers for the items. Some of them may even be items.

Clearance Classification LevelsEdit









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