So I was trying to get some comments in DC Wiki, but no one replied.mso I will try to do it here!

Ok so you get a dragon, you say a number from 1 to 500! You may get a random dragon!

NOTE: Legendary Dragon present will only be in 5 presents.


You all start with 5 lives. If you got a life/legendary dragon, you get 1+ life or you can sell a dragon for X lives. You may get points for the leaderboards.

Lives got by dragons when selling

  • Terra types: 1 life
  • Flame types: 3 lives
  • Sea types: 4 lives
  • Nature types: 5 lives
  • Electric types: 10 lives
  • Ice types: 25 lives
  • Metal types: 50 lives
  • Dark types: 100 lives
  • Light types: 250 lives
  • Pure types: 500 lives


PS: You may get another life.

PPS: If you say an already said number, yours will not be counted but choose another number!

PPPS: You cannot get War Dragon. Start!!!