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• 11/14/2013

Freaks of nature

Plz join my wiki at
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• 11/14/2013


I think if you are off the wiki, you should be demoted once. The status would be replaced once the person is active again. And maybe if they are really active they could be promoted.
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• 11/2/2013

Item Ideas

What are a few ideas that you want to pawn off to others?
For example, I got the idea for 003 from PM.
Also, can there be an IdeaBy template?
I'll go first; a colony of brain monsters that love B-Movies.
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• 10/23/2013

Item 003

Such a weird item.
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• 10/19/2013

Memorial Page

this page is for memorials of any sort.
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• 10/19/2013

Dragon Presents!

So I was trying to get some comments in DC Wiki, but no one replied.mso I will try to do it here!
Ok so you get a dragon, you say a number from 1 to 500! You may get a random dragon!
NOTE: Legendary Dragon present will only be in 5 presents.

You all start with 5 lives. If you got a life/legendary dragon, you get 1+ life or you can sell a dragon for X lives. You may get points for the leaderboards.

Lives got by dragons when selling
Terra types: 1 life
Flame types: 3 lives
Sea types: 4 lives
Nature types: 5 lives
Electric types: 10 lives
Ice types: 25 lives
Metal types: 50 lives
Dark types: 100 lives
Light types: 250 lives
Pure types: 500 lives
PS: You may get another life.
PPS: If you say an already said number, yours will not be counted but choose another number!
PPPS: You cannot get War Dragon.
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• 10/13/2013

Idea for Featured Article

This is an idea about featured articles. Use random page. Qqqthe page you got, it will be he featured article.
Vote 1 for this idea.
Vote 2 for same idea.
I vote 1.
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• 10/6/2013

New Featured User

On this October, there will be a featured user again.
Vote who you want to be the featured user.
Note: Do not vote for yourself. If you vote yourself, your reply will be removed.
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• 10/4/2013

Removing Top 10 List

Why are we having Top 10 Lists? No one has been using them:
1 for Remove Top 10 Lists
2 for Keep Top 10 Lists
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• 9/26/2013

Number Game 2.0

Number game, you can only post once, if your number is wrong, it will be removed!
It is he same one as PvZCC Wiki
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• 9/25/2013



A SCREENSHOT. Does it look cool. But seriously, can you provide some help?
Engine:Game Maker
Title:IDK, but it should have to do with godzilla
IDEAS I NEED:Bosses, levels, general stories, GML help, and SOUND EFFECTS!
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• 9/23/2013

Featured User

Every month there is a featured user like PvZ and PvZCC wikia or not
1. No voting yourself
2. No two times vote
and 3. No removing replies if the user is voting.
1 to have a featured user and vote the user
2 for no featured user
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• 9/21/2013

Featured Articles

Why not a featured article, you can vote any of the articles except your article
1 for yes
2 for no
1st one 006
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• 9/20/2013

Important Topic: New users

What do you think we should do?
Should we:
1)Allow new users to post on the forums BEFORE writing a mainspace article,
Or 2)Make a new rule that states that any user who has not made a GOOD mainspace article cannot post on fun and games.
1 for 1
2 for 2
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• 9/19/2013

Talk page

Now, I want talk page

Easy to communicate
Can use warnings and block signs
Easier to see when someone left a message
Can use wordbubbles!
Vote 1 for talk page
Vote 2 for message wall
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• 9/16/2013

Itemlog testing facility permission

This is about Itemlog testing facility video game. I will ask for permission(or you can give it to me without me asking) and will post what the item will do in game.
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• 9/15/2013

Story Maker

I will make a story and someone will extend it. I will remove a reply if it is not included in the story.
Once a upon a time, the Peashooter saw a glowing leaf
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• 9/14/2013


Well it's just like hangman except there is no hangman (as in that man which counts ur number of tries).
For example:
Me: p_s_ _ _i_t_ _
Opponent (Anonymous): Pessimistic
Rule one: Hints allowed but not mandatory.
Rule Two: You tries are unlimited (as explained above)
Rule Three: Have Fun.
@Garnette23--Garnette23 (talk) 14:38, September 14, 2013 (UTC)
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• 9/12/2013
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• 9/7/2013

Jumbled Words

I'm gonna give a jumbled word and you should guess it. 
I will gonna give 3 clues for those who don't know.
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